Headliner Beach Volleyball


The Headliner hosts 5 different nights of organized recreational volleyball leagues.
The teams consist of 6 or more players with all nights playing 6 x 6 volleyball with a minimum of 3 women playing on all coed nights.

The nights are broken up by ability level.

Monday is a Coed B & C level bar and Bar league
Tuesday is Coed A/BB levels
Wednesday is Coed B/BB levels
Thursday is Mens A & B levels ( 2 divisions)
Friday is Coed BB/B (2 divisions)

Games are played June thru September from 7pm till 11pm.

You may contact Judy at (732)938-5474 for team information.
There is a fee to play in the league and officials are provided.
Fee includes an end of year party and tee shirt.
We suggest contacting Judy February thru April as spots fill fast.
Single players may also contact here for placement on existing teams.