Headliner Beach Volleyball




The Headliner hosts 5 different nights of organized recreational volleyball leagues. The teams consist of 6 or more players with all nights playing 6 x 6 volleyball with a minimum of 3 women playing on all coed nights.

The nights are broken up by ability level:

  • Mon: Coed B & C level bar and Bar league
  • Tues: Coed A/BB levels
  • Wed: Coed B/BB levels
  • Thurs: Mens A & B levels ( 2 divisions)
  • Fri: Coed BB/B (2 divisions)

Games are played June thru Sept. from 7 to 11 PM.

  • For team info, call Judy at (732) 938-5474.
  • There is a fee to play in the league and officials are provided.
  • Fee includes an end of year party and tee shirt.
  • We suggest contacting Judy February thru April as spots fill fast.
  • Single players may also contact here for placement on existing teams.